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The Kirk/Spock Slash Community

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kirk/spock slash fan fiction and discussions
Hello! This community is dedicated to the appreciation of Kirk/Spock, in all its incarnations. We welcome posts that link to fic, fanart, fanvids and fanmixes for both Classic Trek K/S (TOS) and Reboot K/S (AOS - Alternate Original Trek). In addition, we encourage discussions on Star Trek meta topics, including fanon, Trek worldbuilding as related to fic writing, the professional Star Trek novels, and gay issues related to Star Trek. Fic recs, including self-recs, and requests are also welcome.


1. Please be courteous.

As part of this, here are some guidelines.

Please respond to what a person actually says. That is, if a person posts "ABC" to the comm, do not infer that what they actually mean is "XYZ". If you need clarification, it's better to ask a poster about her/his intentions regarding what s/he wrote rather then making assumptions.

It's important to remember that many people in this comm are not native English speakers. Please respect language differences.

When a new member posts and makes a basic mistake, please welcome her/him to the community and offer practical advice. Don't criticize their mistake. We all were new to fandom at one point. If you are new here, please read past posts to get a feel for how people post.

If there's a tag for a certain subject it's permitted to discuss that subject. If you have a question as to whether something is allowed here, please check the tags. If you're still not certain, contact the maintainer.

This is a K/S community. Discussing why we are K/S fans, discussing canon justification for K/S, and discussing public information that is pro K/S is absolutely and always on topic. While sharing your love for K/S, please remember to respect other characters and pairings. Discussion of K/S related topics should not be assumed by anyone to be disrespectful of other characters and pairings.

And always remember - have fun! :-)

2. Tag your posts! There are a number of tags apiece for fic, art, poetry, vids. etc. VERY IMPORTANT: Please be sure to include which "universe/series" your story is set in. Is it TOS? Reboot? One of the other movies? There are also tags for discussion posts, help requests, links, etc. You can see the available tags by going to our tags page. If the tag you need is not there, tag your post "new tag," and one will be created for you!

3. Lock all media-related request posts.

4. Links to all stories, artwork, fanvids, fanmixes and recs requests posted here are archived at the community’s Delicious Bookmarks

All Delicious bookmark tags for plot, warnings, fic length, etc. can be found here

To help the archivists, please use this template for all fiction posts:

Instructions on how to use an LJ template:

a. In the template box, 'Select All' then ‘Copy’
b. In the post, ensure the tab is set to 'HTML', then paste
c. Click 'Rich text' tab and fill in relevant information

5. No RPS. There are other communities for RPS. This community is about the characters of Kirk and Spock, not the actors who portray them.

6. Please put all NSFW, lengthy, or image-heavy posts under a cut.

7. Artwork. There are three different tags for different types of art (CGA, hand-drawn, icons, etc., etc.) - a basic tag, and one each for TOS or STR. You can choose the basic tag for any work which combines both TOS and STR.

8. Tag your posts. Please include the universe (TOS or Reboot). Seriously.


If you need to contact the community maintainer, send CatalenaMara a message on LiveJournal.

Interviewer: "There's a great deal of writing in the Star Trek movement which compares the relationship between Alexander and Hephaistion to the relationship between Kirk and Spock - focusing on the closeness of the friendship, the feeling that they would die for one another..."

Gene Roddenberry: "Yes, there's certainly some of that - certainly with love overtones. Deep love. The only difference being, the Greek ideal... we never suggested in the series... physical love between the two. But we certainly had the feeling that the affection was sufficient for that, if that were the particular style of the 23rd century."

[From: "Shatner: Where No Man...: The Authorized Biography of William Shatner" (Chapter 7 - Page 145, 147-8), published in 1979]

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